The Local News, Curated

January 2017

Mayor Announces “SWAT” Team to fix flooding… Turns out it just does long overdue basic maintenance work.

Only spending $10M with budget of billions… Not taking flooding seriously.

Massive Flood Follows Mayor’s weak, delayed Flooding Response… more devastating residential flooding in Meyerland.

New Meyerland group petitions city for solutions.

Chronicle grows pair, responds to city’s inept policies.

Save Buffalo Bayou makes some legit points on flooding.

Aggie Prof rambles pointlessly and offers no solutions.

Homeowners are very upset, at wit’s end.

City council replies with “innovative” plan to borrow money to fix Brays Bayou (finally!)… ignores rest of city with flooding problems…

…Chronicle immediately rushes back to praising Turner.  We didn’t mean our previous criticism! Lavishes praises while no building code requirements are modified to stop flooding.

Neighbors mobilize to stop “sitting in public.”  Huge homeless enclaves under bridges.   

White Oak Music Hall victims of extreme noise terrorism notch a well-deserved win in court.

Trump Supports Bullet Train… Just FYI.    

So much effort placed into getting Super Bowl...  

…Imagine if effort used to solve problems like flooding.

December 2016

Dallas Pension Insolvency!

…Houston next?

MAYOR TURNER FLASHBACK: It’s under control… No new taxes.

Austin-based Texas Tribune report shows local gov at fault for flooding… Lazy Hou Chron journos needs to send tuition checks to Trib.

Exxon chief Tillerson to run State Dept…  

…Why not? Exxon has it’s own private state department.  Plenty of experience.

Save Buffalo Bayou further illustrates Commissioner Radack incompetency on flooding…

…FLASHBACK: He thinks victims “enjoy floods.” 

Biggest Jerks in Houston Award given to WOMH… Commentators crucify mayor for rolling out red carpet to tormentors of young children!

Gearing up for Super Bowl!

…$1.5 BILLION spent just on Discovery Green!

…Sports Economists say Benefits are Meh.

…Like a Roman Emperor:  Its for the masses! Oh, they will benefit so much!  On the other hand, schools, neighborhood parks, libraries… whatever.  


November 2016

Houston Trumpsteria!

Harris County R’s get re-elected to Congress; Hillary rules Harris with Dem’s Straight Ticket Voting Machine.

Sheriff Hickman (R) loses due to “Hillary” effect…

…had nothing at all to do with disgusting roadside cavity searches.

Ousted Sheriff defends cavity searches, digital penetration! Indignant: You can’t indict!

No Concession Call from Anderson. Ogg talks future...

…and here was the backstory.


Century Ban on Liquor Sales Lifted in Heights…

…after explosion by commentariat.

Trump Energy Policies?

Trumportunity for Local Pols?